Trending October 2023 # The Best Tricks To Speed Up Firefox Browser # Suggested November 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # The Best Tricks To Speed Up Firefox Browser # Suggested November 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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The Best Tricks To Speed Up Firefox Browser

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Best Ways To Speed Firefox Browser Fix 1- Update Firefox

Tap on the Menu button (three bars) and choose Help. This option is denoted as question mark

Here, select About Firefox, Now in this new window, Firefox will itself check for the updates and start the downloading procedure. 

Once the downloading procedure is completed, you will now get an option to “Restart To Update Firefox” [as shown in the below image]

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Fix 2-  Enable Hardware Acceleration

The reason behind enabling hardware acceleration on your browser is that the Firefox Quantum chews up your system’s GPU to load web pages or to play online videos easily. This setting is disable by default , with the below steps we will enable hardware acceleration on Firefox browser.

Enter“about: preference” on the address bar.

Navigate to the General tab on the left side pane, scroll down to the Performance option. 

As you can see the feature of “Use recommended performance settings” uncheck it to proceed further. 

Here checkmark “Use hardware acceleration when available”

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Fix 3- Refresh Firefox

Remember when you recently installed Firefox and it was running super fast? To get the same feel, we will refresh Firefox to start from scratch that will give you fresh installation vibes. Follow the steps below: 

Open a new tab on your Firefox and visit “about:support”

On the right side of the web page, you will see the option to Refresh Firefox, tap on it to proceed further.

You will again get the pop-up, tap on Refresh Firefox for confirmation. Hence with this your browser will start from the starting and will speed up. 

Fix 4- Disable Accessibility Services

Accessibility services are the passage by which Firefox keeps an eye on your browsers. Hence disabling it will boost up Firefox speed, below are the steps to follow:

Go to Firefox’s preference page as you did in Fix 1. 

Navigate to Privacy and Security and scroll down to reach the permission option.

Here check mark the option that says to “Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser”

Now, restart your browser and check whether this method helps in boosting up. 

Fix 5- Enable Private Browsing

Once you enable private browsing mode it will help in disallowing Firefox to track any browser history. This fix can be done through the below steps: 

Go to about:preference and navigate to the Privacy & Security option. 

Here choose “Never Remember History” from the drop down menu of History option. 

Restart the browser and this method will speed up your Firefox. 

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