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Trending September 2023 # Principles Of Human Resource Management # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Principles of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management is an umbrella term that is being used to describe the management as well as the development of the employees in an organization. It designs various management systems in order to ensure that employee talent is used efficiently and effectively to accomplish the organizational goals.

The most important resource a company has is the manpower (people who work for the company). The biggest task is to manage people effectively. This is considered to be the key to organizational success.

Human Resource Development is the backbone of the organization as it deals with each and every aspect of the employees. It is multidisciplinary, i.e. it applies most of Law, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics disciplines.

Nature of HRM

Human Resource Management is pervasive in nature because it is there in all enterprises.

It focuses on the results rather than focusing on the rules and regulations.

It helps the employees in order to develop them in a full-fledged way.

It makes sure that the employees work hard towards their goals.

These principles are very much useful for HR practitioners and professionals to determine how strategic Human Resource Management affects three stakeholders: individual employees, the society and the organization itself.

Four C’s of The Human Resource Management

The Book “Managing Human Aspects” by Harvard University Business School Professors Sir Michael Beer & Sir Michael Walton and Northeastern University Business Professor Sir Bert Spector says that there are four C’s of The Human Resource Management, “Commitment, Competence, Cost-Effectiveness, and Congruence.”

1. Commitment

This specifies that how committed an employee is towards his job. Job Security is something that demonstrates their commitment to their jobs and job duties. By ensuring that staffing levels are consistent with the business needs, Human Resource Management fulfills the needs. Human Resource Management works in such a way that the employees can reasonably expect that they are going to be the long term employees. The organization always invests in the betterment of its employees in order to make sure that they are committed to their respective jobs. This may include training programs, goal-setting activities, performance evaluations, etc.

2. Competence 3. Cost-Effectiveness

Sometimes, a company’s budget may become a barrier in order to support the activities of the Human Resource Department. Budgets may be insufficient to support activities like recruitment of new people, training & development of the existing employees and the employee relations. As we all know, the Human Resource Department is not a revenue-generating department; due to this, the budgets might be the first cut for investing in the HR Department. So, it is necessary to make sure that the costs are effectively utilized in the company. This would ensure a smooth process, and companies may be able to invest more in the HR-related activities.

4. Congruence

Along with the business’s overall goals, the attainable workforce management goals must be very much congruent. Goals such as becoming the leader or the head of a particular industry require the focus of HR so that the talented and capable workers are being recruited. This would lead to the overall growth of the organization as well as the employee. The employer affects society as it provides various career options/opportunities for the labor market (surrounding) and also the high-quality standards for their valuable customers.

Human Resource Principles are a fundamental truth established by research, investigation, and analysis. The following can also be considered as the principles of Human Resource Management:

Principle of Individual Development – To offer an equal opportunity to every employee so as to realize his/her potential and capability.

Principle of the Scientific Selection – To place the right individual in the right job.

Principle of the Free Flow of Communication- To open & encourage upward, downward, formal, and informal communication.

Principle of the Participation – To associate with employees at each and every level of decision making.

Principle of a Fair Remuneration- To pay fair and equitable wages & salaries to talented employees.

Principle of an Incentive – To review the performances of the employees and to reward them accordingly.

Principle of the Dignity of Labor – To treat each and every employee with respect and dignity.

Principle of Labor-Management co-operation – To promote industrial relations and labor laws.

Principle of Team Spirit – To ensure co-operation & teamwork amongst the employees.

Principle of Contribution to National Prosperity – To provide a higher work purpose to all the employees and to contribute to the national prosperity and integrity.

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