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Trending October 2023 # List Of Easing Functions With Programming Example # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Introduction to jQuery Easing

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Even some of the easing function returns a negative value during an animation based on the animation properties because the actual value may be clamped at zero. You can animate the left property to a negative value, but you cannot animate the opacity or height properties to a negative value.


These functions are usually passed to the animation function, so the syntax of the animation function is:

(selector).animate( {styles}, speed, easing, callback); Parameters

{ style }: This is one or more style parameters of CSS properties.

speed: This parameter specifies the speed of the animation in milliseconds. The default value of it is 400

easing: This parameter specifies the name of the easing function to be called to the animate() method. The default value of it is “swing”.

callback: This parameter specifies the function’s name, which is to be executed after the animation is completed. This is an optional parameter.

List of Easing Functions

The following list includes different types of easing functions:

Choose Easing Functions

CSS: The properties of CSS for transition and animation allow us to choose an easing function. The CSS does not support all easing functions.

SCSS: The animation can also be provided by Sass or SCSS. The Compass Ceaser Plugin allows us to specify the easing function by its name, and Compass removes the prefixes before the transition and animation properties.

Jquery Easing Plugin: the jQuery Easing Plugin is the easiest way to provide animation with ease with jQuery’s help.

Example to Implement jQuery Easing

Next, we write the HTML code to understand the UI easing functions more clearly with the following example, where all different types of easing functions will use to show the style of animation, as below:

Example #1


.img { float: left; margin-left: 5px; } $(function() { return; } $.each( $.easing, function( easingtype, impl ) { w = 100, h = 100; cradius = 9; c.w = w; c.height = h-10; var drawHeight = h * 0.7, ct = c.getContext( “2d” ); ct.fillStyle = “orange”; ct.beginPath(); ct.strokeStyle = “#566”; ct.moveTo( w * 0.1, drawHeight + .3 ); ct.lineTo( w * 0.9, drawHeight + .3 ); ct.stroke(); ct.beginPath(); ct.moveTo( cradius, 0 ); ct.quadraticCurveTo( 0, 0, 0, cradius ); ct.lineTo( 0, h – cradius ); ct.quadraticCurveTo( 0, h, cradius, h ); ct.lineTo( w – cradius, h ); ct.quadraticCurveTo( w, h, w, h – cradius ); ct.lineTo( w, 0 ); ct.lineTo( cradius, 0 ); ct.fill(); ct.strokeStyle = “red”; ct.beginPath(); ct.lineWidth = 2; ct.moveTo( w * 0.1, drawHeight ); $.each( new Array( w ), function( position ) { var state = position / w, val = impl( state, position, 0, 1, w ); ct.lineTo( position * 0.7 + w * 0.1, drawHeight – drawHeight * val * 0.8 ); }); ct.stroke(); img.width( w ).height( h + text.height() + 12 ); wrap .animate( { height: “hide” }, 1500, easingtype ) .delay( 600 ) .animate( { height: “show” }, 1500, easingtype ); }); }); });


The jQuery UI library defines and provides built-in functions called easing functions. These functions specify the speed at which an animation shows at different points within the animation. As we have seen through the example, other types of easing type functions change the speed at various locations throughout the animation.

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