Trending September 2023 # Learn The Versions Of Indesign With Their Features # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Learn The Versions Of Indesign With Their Features # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Introduction to Indesign version

InDesign versions can be explain as updated and modified format of older software of InDesign and each version of this software came time to time with their new and improved features as well as working quality. These modification might be in user interface of this software for making it more user friendly or in tools of tool panel for making them more handy or and other important features of this software. It was developed on August 31, 1991 by Adobe system and since its initial released adobe made many changes for improving its working ability so we have number of versions of it.

List of Indesign version

3D animation, modelling, simulation, game development & others

1. InDesign 2023 (16.1)

This is the latest version of InDesign and launched by Adobe systems in January 2023 which named as InDesign 16.1. You will have number of new features and solution for many issues in this version. It has many new features such as Content reviewing with text annotations that means it has review tools which can highlight text, insert text and strike through any text during working on any project, Locating colors in your document another new feature and with this feature you can locate any unused color from your document and replace it with other in very smooth manner, subject detection and text warping can do in more specific way by using feature that offers by Adobe Sensei without using Photoshop paths or Alpha channel, It use HSB value for setting color value in it without using RGB translation and many other new features you will find in it when you go with it.

2. InDesign 2023 (16.0.2)

It was launched with improved User experience features for Mac OS and in this improvement it offers bigger size of icon for Mac OS BigSur.

3. InDesign 2023 (16.0.1)

Various improvement are done in this version for fixing issue of previous version in different part of InDesign such as Slider on media panel is now enable for making your work easy with this panel and you can drag it even through there is no media file available, same as ‘Place a Video or Audio button’ of same panel is also enabled for working with video or audio when you launched InDesign even no document is open and Total time duration option of media file appears is made disable in Media panel. You will also find that there is original file folder for old converted and OpenASCopy documents which protect your file for being damage.

Many issue of previous version of 2023 InDesign are fixed in this version and the issue was 15.1.2 version of InDesign 2023 crashes during opening of some type of scenarios and file, it quits automatically during launching of proxy environment, it also crashes during renaming of any folder when we work with User Library Fonts folder and some other important issue are fixed. It has improved visibility of cursor during working with Light and Medium light interface which was big problem for its user in previous version. It also has solution for the problem of showing error after Inserting HTML code on object and previewing of it and after fixing this issue it adds plus point in its scripting techniques.

5. InDesign 2023 (15.1.2)

It has improved performance during working with two INDD documents which have same fonts in their document font folder respectively. There is no such issue that hangs InDesign during recover of damaged document and after that user can work with different project without facing stress in their work and enjoy their working. It got rid from crashing itself when we try to quit it after auto-activation of Font not only this but also during rendering, during launching of proxy environment, while working with EPS file, while PDF exporting it prevent itself from crashing. Launching problem of Script Editor when editing script for Apple script was one of the major issues of previous version but it becomes easy in this version.

6. InDesign 2023 (15.1.1)

7. InDesign 2023 (15.1)

These were some series of latest versions of InDesign software and i explained all important facts and features of these versions so that you can have idea about them.


Now after this article you can understand versions of InDesign in term of their features and issued fixed with them of previous version. If want you can start with any of the version of InDesign for get interacting with it and then decide which version will be good for your designing purpose.

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