Trending September 2023 # Learn The Different Utilities Of Oracle # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Learn The Different Utilities Of Oracle # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Introduction to Oracle utilities

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All Oracle Utilities

Now let’s see different Oracle utilities as follows.

1. Oracle Database Utilities

 Oracle database 11g is one type of utilities on oracle and it has some features such as handling the large amount of data, we can manipulate the data, we can extract the data and we can move from one site to another site etc. basically it includes some functionality as follows.

2. Data Pump Export and Import Utilities

Data Pump is used to handle high-speed data or metadata from one database to another database, this function is based on oracle database movement utilities. By using data Pump functionality we verify the data movement and this can be implemented by using the Export and Import parameters.

It has two types as follows.

Data Pump Export Utilities

Data Pump Export (It is referred to as Export for simplicity of reading) is a utility for dumping data and metadata into a group of operating files that files we called as dump file set. The dump file set we can easily move from one system to another and loaded by using Data Pump Import utilities. The set of dump files means it contains the table data, database metadata as well as control information and all files written in binary format which can be read only by using the Data Pump Import.

Data Pump Import Utilities

3. Data Pump API Utilities

Data Pump API gives a high-velocity system to move all or part of the information and metadata for a site starting with one data set then onto the next. For utilization of the Data Pump API, Oracle provides DBMS_DATAPUMP PL/SQL bundle. The Data Pump Export and Data Pump Import utilities depend on the Data Pump API.

4. Metadata API Utilities

It helps us to retrieve metadata s XML format including SQL DDL commands. To use Metadata API we need to use a procedure that is PL/SQL packages. For Metadata API every real-time entity is as object of that database.

5. SQL*Loader Utilities

It is used to load data from the external files into the SQL table of Oracle database. It has a different feature as follows.

Similarly we can load different tables during the same

Manipulate the data before loading.

It uses the operating system file to access the different data files.

It is capable to load complex relational data.

It uses secondary data files for loading purposes.

Normally the SQL* Loader uses input as a control file to control the behavior of the SQL* Loader and output of SQL* Loader is a database that is log files.

6. DBVerify Utility 7. DBNEWID Utility

DBNEWID Utility is used to modify the internal and unique database identifiers as well as database name; by using DBNEWID we can modify any one of them as follows.

We can modify only the DBID of a database.

We can modify only the DBNAME of a database.

In the third case we can modify both that is DBID and DBNAME.

8. External Table Utilities

External table utility present in the SQL* Loader allows us to access the data from external sources. The external tables can be created by using the ORACLE_DATAPUMP access driver, data manipulation command we cannot execute or we cannot create indexes on an external table. So that reason SQL* Loader is the best option for loading the data but it requires additional indexing. If we need to use an external file so we must have some basic knowledge about the file format and record format of the data files on your current executed platform as well as we also need to know what SQL is and how we can execute the query on SQL.

9. LogMiner

It is used to redo the log file with the help of the query interface.

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