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Trending October 2023 # Learn The Components Of Application Architecture # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to Application Architecture

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Explanation of Application Architecture

Application architecture comes at the top level of the system, which should contain quality and reliability throughout its components. Mostly, rather than the functional aspects, this architecture satisfies the technical and operational requirements of the system. Therefore, satisfying all the quality attributes, including performance measures, is essential.

The most used application architectures are server-side rendering and client-side rendering.

Different servers and databases decide the model of the architecture in the system. The three other models are one server, one database model, many servers, one database model, and many database models. Let’s have a look at each of these.

1. One Server One Database Model

This is the simplest model in architecture. As the name suggests, it is not as reliable as when the single server goes down; the entire application does not work. Hence, it is not used in real-time applications. People use this model to study architecture fundamentals and gain field knowledge.

2. Many Servers One Database Model 3. Many Servers Many Database Model

In this model, we can store the data in a single database or distribute the databases’ data. This model is considered efficient because the database and server can be replaced in the event of a failure. Either we can balance with two servers and databases. If the load is more, we can employ more servers, and it is better to use load balancers. Database normalization helps to analyze the situation.

Application Architecture can be divided into three types Single Page Application, Microservices, and Serverless Architecture.

a. Single Page Application b. Microservices

This is faster and more efficient than others with specific functionality in the application. This can be written in any coding language; hence, flexibility is a factor in selecting microservices. Any technology and language can be used in architecture.

c. Serverless Architecture

There are no servers in this architecture and hence no infrastructure issues in this type. Backend servers will not create problems here as they are not in the architecture.

Understanding the working of architecture is simple. It receives the requests from the user, processes them, and displays them to the user. The components and types help to understand and maintain the infrastructure for further use. This helps to scale the application easily and to make deployments automatically in the server. The system can consistently manage queries and reduce response time.

Components of Application Architecture

1. Client: The user interacts with the client written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The client is the web browser in a system. This takes in the inputs and provides the outputs. The user interface is important for the client and must satisfy the customer.

2. The server has a web server and database. Server-side development needs the knowledge of languages to manage the database and the server. The database server stores all the data, while the web server is the main control center. We increase the number of servers and databases, thereby modifying the application’s functionality.

User interface components give an idea about the display of web pages along with their configurations and settings. Development is not a part of the user interface, but notifications and dashboards comprise this component in the architecture.


Before selecting an architecture, it is crucial to evaluate the business needs thoroughly. Understand the architecture more and develop the web pages and applications to rectify the problems even if a failure occurs quickly. While building one, individuals must follow architectural standards.

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