Trending September 2023 # Learn How To Use Gimp Extensions? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Learn How To Use Gimp Extensions? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Introduction to GIMP Extensions

GIMP extension is a good bundle of extensions that helps us in getting good plug-ins, Scripts well as Brushes, and many more, which we can install in gimp for extension of the working capacity of gimp. When you use the gimp extensions pack with your gimp software, then it will overwrite perilously installed extensions. All most of all, extensions of the gimp extensions pack are from the plugin registry of GIMP. You can install the gimp extension pack according to the version of your gimp software from the internet and use it to make your work easy in this software. Let us analyze GIMP Extensions to get more knowledge about them.

How to use gimp Extensions?

We can use it for having a good idea about the suitable plugin, scripts, brushes, and other additional accessories that enhance the working ability of gimp. So, first of all, search for ‘GIMP Extensions pack according to the version of your gimp software.

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And install it on your computer. It will be overite on all your previous plugins, script brushes, etc.

Once you install the extensions, pack you will have these changes in the menu bar of gimp, which is at the top of the working screen. You will have to more menus such as Fx-Foundry and Script-Fu.

You will have a parameters settings box for this option. Here you can choose the color of paper from the Paper color option, can choose the font style, color, and size, which you can write on it once you have done all settings according to your hit on the Ok button of this box.

And you will get this type of old paper effect on your selected document.

And type your desired text here.

Again you will have a parameters settings box of this effect. Here you can type your desired text which you want as a watermark, from the Text String option of this box.

You can choose the location of your text on the image area from this list.

Set the opacity value of the water mark from this option and hit on the Ok button of this box.

And you will have the water mark on your chosen location.

You can see it on gray background clearly.

Now let us open an image in gimp by the Open option of File menu of the menu bar. I will open this image.

Now take Ellipse select tool from the tool panel, or you can press the E button of the keyboard as short cut key.

And make a selection around the food which is inside the bowl.

Hit the enter button on the keyboard to enable selection.

Now the Texturizer parameters box will be open. You can choose the pattern or texture that you will apply.

You can also choose the texture type from here. I will choose sand from this list.

Now, if you enable the Show texture option of this box, you will also have applied texture on a separated tab. Now hit on the Ok button of this box.

And the sand texture is ready.

And our applied texture is also on a different tab like this. So you can use it in other image editing work or save it for future use.

Here we have the parameters’ settings dialog box of this effect. This effect mirrors the whole layer of this image so that you can choose the number of the mirrored object from the ‘Iteration (Image doubles each time)’ option. I will give 1 as its value because I want one mirror copy of this image.

And here, the mirror image of the original image is ready. You will get this mirrored effect on the new layer in a separate tab. So it is a non-destructive change for your original image.


There were many more effects that you can find in the extensions pack; we just discussed some of them for a reference idea about the extensions of GIMP. You can use the different extensions in your work and get benefit from them by making different changes in their parameters.

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