Trending September 2023 # Investment Banking Course In Mumbai (117+ Courses With Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Investment Banking Course In Mumbai (117+ Courses With Certification) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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About Investment Banking Course in Mumbai

Investment Banking Course in Mumbai Curriculum

Here is an outline of what all you can learn by enrolling this course of investment banking:

Section 1: In the first section, the discussion will start with the basics of investment banking. You will learn about banking financial modeling, LBO modeling, project finance modeling, private equity, goodwill calculation, credit analysis & research, merger modeling, equity research, equity research report writing, IPO valuation modeling, and CFA calculator.

Section 2: Financial modeling is an integral part of this training and in this section, the learners will understand financial modeling in different sectors such as real estate, automobile, telecommunication, banking, broadcasting, apparel, and many more.

Section 3: In this section, you will get a hands-on experience of important segments of the investment banking domain. The topics that would be covered include banking operations, structured finance, fixed income instruments, options trading, hedge funds, arbitrage strategies, forex trading, calculation of value-at-risk, and technical in trading.

Section 4: The importance of Microsoft Office can’t be denied in any sphere and hence there will be a special session for training on the different tools of MS Office. There will be lectures on various versions of MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.

Section 5: This section is a sales training course where you would learn the art of marketing in investment banking. Through this section, you would develop good communication and interpersonal skills that the professionals of investment banking are required to possess.

Section 6: This part of the training would help learners understand about investment banking fundamentals and financial modeling of different sectors. The learners would also gain experience in other investment banking concepts like equity capital markets, LBO modeling, venture capital modeling, private equity modeling, and so on.

Investment Banking Course in Mumbai – Certificate of Completion

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a distinct segment of banking that is concerned with the provision of financial services to its various clients being individuals, corporates, as well as governments. The financial services include raising capital on behalf of the clients, underwriting securities, assisting in mergers and acquisitions, business reorganizations and restructuring, and broker trading on behalf of the clients.

Investment bankers act as an intermediary between the companies issuing securities and investors. They help the companies in deciding the pricing of the instruments as well as assisting them in compliance with regulatory matters. Essentially the investment bankers underwrite the securities of the companies and by acting as a middleman sell the securities of the company in the market. The services of investment banking involve the taking of significant risk and thus people working in this domain are expected to be the experts of finance and investment.

What skills will you learn in this Course?

After completing this course, you can expect to add the following skills to your existing skill sets:

Financial Modeling: This course is about investment banking and thus financial modeling is best covered in this course. You will get an opportunity to see how financial modeling works for different sectors in the economy.

Discounted Cash Flows: DCF technique is a very common technique used in valuations. Through this course, you will understand how this technique is followed practically and what are the steps involved in its application.

IPO Analysis: It is as exciting as it sounds, you will get an experience of how IPO analysis is done practically.

Financial Analysis: When talking about investment banking, financial analysis becomes very important. Thus, you will learn about the practical aspects of financial analysis in this training.


You need to have certain basic pre-requisites to take up this course and those are enumerated as below:

Basic finance knowledge:

You should have a basic understanding of finance concepts so that you can better relate to the topics of investment banking.

Internet connection with good speed: You must have a fast internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted learning since this is an online course, so you will be watching videos and learning over the internet.

Knowledge about investment products: In this training, we will refer to different investment products as a part of the learning process. Thus, it is better if you are well versed in various investment products.

Target Audience

Let us make it easy for you to decide if you can opt for this course. Below are the common target audiences to take up this investment banking course:

Commerce Students: The course is apt for those students who are pursuing a degree in commerce and looking forward to a career in finance.

Professionals: The professionals such as MBAs in finance, BBAs in finance, and CAs can also take up this course to excel in their professional careers as these professionals are trusted for the profiles of investment banking and analysis.

Employees: Those working as an employee in investment banking, equity research industry, private equity, and similar fields can enroll for this course to get a better knowledge of their respective fields

FAQ’s- General Questions Why should I take up this investment banking course?

This is an online training through which you can gain practical exposure to the much talked about the field of investment banking from the comfort of your homes. Through recorded lectures and information material, you can learn on your own by watching videos as per your schedule.

How this course can help me in my career???

If you associate your interests or present employment in the fields of investment banking, equity research industry, private equity, and similar fields, this course is a perfect learning aid for you. You will get a practical insight into the concepts that would help you secure high profiles in such fields.

I am new to investment banking; can I take up this course???

If you are a beginner to investment banking, you need not worry as long as you are aware of the investment and finance basics. Thus, just update your finance and investment skills and you are good to go for the course.

Will I get any certificates for this course???

The completion of the course entitles the attendees to get a participation certificate from us.

I am from a non-finance background; will this course help me???

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Better pay scales:

This training will give you a very good learning experience in the field of investment banking which would help you stand out as a candidate for investment banking profiles and you would notice better pay scales being offered to you.

Certification: In today’s world, your credibility increases if you hold some certification certifying that you were part of a value-adding course or project. The certificate that our organization provides can be used as evidence that you attended this knowledge enhancing course.

Better job prospects: Not everyone takes up a career in investment banking. Only those who possess vast knowledge in this field can grab the jobs in the field of investment banking. Through this course, you can enhance your chances of securing such lucrative investment banking jobs.

Why should you take the Investment Banking Course in Mumbai?

Mumbai is like a hub of investment banking companies. If you wish to develop a career in investment banking and living in Mumbai it is better to take up an investment banking course based in Mumbai so that you can simultaneously search for training opportunities as well. Further, if you are living in Mumbai and you don’t want to hamper your regular work, you need not worry as you can take up this online course and learn as per your schedule. The course will help you to secure a job in the investment banking domain and Mumbai, there is a huge demand for investment banking professionals.

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