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Trending October 2023 # How To View And Delete Reddit History # Suggested November 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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If you just joined Reddit, you’ll need some time to get used to it. It’s not quite the same type of social media as Facebook and Tik Tok, but it’s not a simple forum either. Reddit is its own thing.

That said, maybe you left a few posts you’re not proud of or visited some questionable subreddits and you want to clean up your account. Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll show you how to view and delete your Reddit history.

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What Is Reddit?

Reddit deserves its popularity because it promises anonymity. All kinds of people gather in community groups called subreddits. Even some famous people such as actors, scientists, and writers admit they like to browse Reddit. But even though no one will know who you are on the platform, Reddit still allows the things you search for to linger. In fact, Reddit tracks and collects your activity log which is stored in your personal account. All this information about you will stay on their website unless you delete your history or account.

Why Do You Want to Delete Reddit History?

How to Delete Reddit History Through the Browser

No matter if you use a Mac or Windows PC, you can delete Reddit history by using any internet browser. Reddit gives you the possibility to delete your history through the profile page. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Access the official Reddit website

2. Log into your profile with your account information

6. A prompt pop-up screen will appear and you need to choose the Delete option.

In the past, it was possible to use Chrome extensions, such as Nuke Reddit History, and Reddit History Delete to delete all Reddit history at once, but they proved to be unreliable and glitchy, and they don’t work anymore. Reddit Enhancement Suite is still around, but it’s in maintenance mode.

How to Delete History by Using the Reddit App

Deleting history from the mobile phone app is the same for Android devices and iPhones. It is also a pretty straightforward and easy thing to do and might even be a better option than doing it through the browser.

Here is how to delete all Reddit history at once from the app:

1. Find the Reddit app on your smartphone and tap it to open

2. If not logged in, enter your account details

3. In the top left corner of the screen tap on your profile picture

4. Choose History from the drop-down menu

6. Tap the pop-up Clear History

To delete your Reddit posts on the dit app you will have to:

1. Go to your profile

2. Find the post you want to delete

3. Tap on the three dots above it, and choose the Delete option

1. Go to your profile and choose the Comments tab

4. Tap three dots and choose the Delete option

On iPhones, you have an option called Clear Local History that is not available to Android users. This will clear your search history, and all Reddit posts you viewed using your account. To do it:

1. Launch the Reddit app on your iPhone

2. Tap your profile icon, then tap Settings

3. Find Clear Local History and tap it

4. A pop-up screen will ask you to confirm it, tap yes

How to Hide Posts on Reddit

If you don’t want to clear your post history from Reddit, but you still don’t want other people to see it while looking at your profile, you can opt to hide it. Here is how to do it using a web Browser:

2. You will find yourself in the Overview tab. Navigate to the Posts tab


Now that you know how to delete your Reddit history, here are a few answers to the most common questions related to Reddit accounts and their history.

Can I Delete My Reddit History Permanently?

All history deletions on this platform are permanent. If you chose to do it, you won’t see your Reddit history again.

Can Anyone See What I Post on Reddit?

Yes. Reddit is a public forum platform, and everything you write there can be seen by anyone. However, you can choose to hide some of your posts, and they won’t show up on your profile anymore.

Do I Need to Clear Reddit Cache?

No, Reddit doesn’t keep its own Cache. If you want to get rid of anything related to Reddit, simply delete your browser cache. If you are using the Reddit application, clear the app’s data and cache and you will boost its performance.

Can I Delete My Reddit Account?

You can delete your Reddit account. Check out this helpful guide on how to delete your Reddit account. Remember that Reddit deletes accounts permanently. You will lose all your post history, links, videos, and images. Reddit doesn’t offer the option to temporarily deactivate an account.

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