Trending September 2023 # How To Create And Delete Tableau Bins With Example? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Create And Delete Tableau Bins With Example? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Tableau Bins

Bins are a precious tool in many Tableau data analysis settings. Tableau bins are equal-sized containers with data values that fit the bin capacity. We’ll also name it a statistical distribution of data since it divides a collection of information into a group of regular intervals or sizes. Bins are quite beneficial because they provide a systematic information range that allows us to organize data better and uncover trends. To transform continuous measures to discontinuous values/points, bins were utilized.

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What are Tableau Bins? How to Create Tableau Bins?

To build Tableau Bins, follow the procedure below:

Step 2: Tap on Bins after selecting the Create option.

It will bring up the Create Bins dialogue box, where you can fill in the details and set up our bin.

Step 3: When we select the Bins option, a dialogue box will appear on the screen. One can use the suggested field name or give a new field a different name. We can apply different settings for the container we want to build from the Create Bins dialogue box. Users are initially prompted to give the new (bin) field a name. The very next step is to determine the bin’s capacity. Also, for the chosen data set, choose the “Suggest Bin Size” option to have a bin size recommendation from Tableau.

Step 4: In the Quantity of Bins field, type a value. One may also use the Suggest Bin Size option to have Tableau offer a Bin Size for the data collection selected.

Tableau uses the following equation to determine the best Bin size:

Number of bins= 3 + log(n ) * log 2(n)

The following are the bin size parameters:

Min: It indicates the field’s minimal value.

Max: It suggests the field’s maximum value.

Diff represents the difference between both the Min and Max variables.

CntD represents the overall number of different values in the data.

Once supplied with all the essential parameters for a bin, hit OK.

How to Delete Tableau Bins?

Tableau Bins Dataset

Example of Tableau Bins

In this example, I have taken those measures From the table city and total sales(using a field city as bins and dividing the Sales value).

Step 1: Bin Size is a parameter that defines the bin size. I utilize a variable here to make it accessible to my end users when they want to modify the bin size to help with their assessment.

Step 2: The sales for every row of our data are binned in this histogram. As a result, we’re tallying the consumers with at least one sales row in each bin. With a constant X-axis and Y-axis, the image shifts to vertical lines. The continuous Quantity(bin) dimensions replace the measure Quantities with SUM aggregate on the column shelf. The Quantities field is moved to the rows level, and the aggregate method is changed from SUM to CNT or CNT/CNT (Count).

Step 3: The sum of sales is given here by creating a bin size.

Step 4: The below screenshot shows the new bin field, which defines total customer sales.

Step 5: The association between the segment field and the number of items per order is visible in the screenshot below after adding the segment field to the color shelf.

Step 6: A city’s final binned sales report is shown below.


Tableau bins, as previously described, are used to divide data into equal-sized groups when displayed on a chart. Bins can be containers that hold a defined range of values from the discrete or continuous variable used to make them. It also highlighted the processes involved in creating Tableau Bins. It’s critical to unify the data as they gather and handle it across multiple applications and data in the business for a complete performance evaluation.

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