Trending October 2023 # Accounting Course In Mumbai (39 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Accounting Course In Mumbai (39 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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About Accounting Course in Mumbai

Course Name Online Accounting Course in Mumbai

Deal You get access to all 44 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 273+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Basic Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, IFRS, US GAAP, accounting for securities lending market, accounting for derivatives in hedge funds, accounting for repo transactions, depreciation accounting.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Accounting and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites None

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 44 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Accounting Course in Mumbai Curriculum

Accounting Foundation – Introduction to financial accounting and its basic terminology. Detailed explanation to income statement and explanation of each component of the income statement, each component of Balance sheet, Cash flow statement. Also detailed explanation and practice of methods of preparing cash flow statements.

Advanced Accounting – In-depth understanding of goodwill, the effect under IFRS, various methods to calculate goodwill, and a practical assignment. Explanation of the method used for accounting of merger, its accounting treatment under IFRS along with practical examples. Features of bonds and bond markets, calculation of present value and intrinsic value, journal entries along with practical problems. Concept of a branch and foreign branch, maintenance of books of accounts along with practical problems. Meaning of base currency, reference currency, direct/indirect quote, forward contracts, hedge contracts along with practical problems. Concept of deferred and current taxation, timing/temporary difference, permanent differences, the effect of revaluation of assets, etc. Introduction to leases, types of leases, accounting of leases, etc along with practical problems. Concept of special purpose entity, structure, purpose of creating, types of SPE, and accounting guidelines for SPE. Detailed overview of mergers and acquisition, its tax implications, employee compensation arrangement, along with other in-depth insights. Explanation of the concept of limited liability, related facts, and structure, LLP Vs LLC, etc. Importance of ownership in the corporate world, reporting requirement, consolidation/deconsolidation, computation of profit attributed, etc along with practical problems.

Cost Accounting –   Introduction to basic terms of costing along with important formulas. In detail discussion of cost sheet, job costing, batch costing, activity-based costing. Explanation of the most important topic of costing i.e, allocation of cost, profitability, and allocation of cost for a service department. Explanation to various type of cost with the intention to relevant/irrelevant, sunk cost, opportunity cost/gain, CVP analysis, decision making along with a variety of practical illustrations. Meaning of process, batch, job, joint product, by product, normal loss, and abnormal loss, spoilage, scrap, valuation of finished goods and work in progress, process cost vs job cost, etc.

Management accounting – Importance of cash budgeting, receivables management, payables management, working capital cycle and requirement

IFRS- In detail explanation of each IFRS along with practical world example and in detailed clarification of each concept along with disclosure requirements.

US GAAP – We look into US GAAP along with practical examples and illustrations. Also coverage of detailed disclosure requirements.

Accounting for Special Situations – Here we understand the investment market, collateral, and non-collateral securities, central clearinghouse, investment pools, etc. An in-depth explanation of the role of RBI and banks, the role played by repo rate and reverse repo rate, repo accounting transactions, and effect on the economy. Explanation of concepts like financial instruments, derivatives, hedge accounting, usage of derivatives in hedge accounting, types of hedges, etc. We also look at depreciation, methods of calculating depreciation, its impact in financials, and in tax calculations.

US GAAP 2023- Detailed explanation of each US GAAP 2023 along with the latest practical example of the corporate world and illustrations. Also coverage of detailed disclosure requirements.

Accounting Course in Mumbai – Certificate of Completion

What is Accounting Course?

The accounting course is prepared with the intention to provide an easy and topic wise explanation along with practice tests to provide learning in a better way. Generally, layman considers accounting as boring stuff, but this course will uniquely provide learning with practical world examples. This course will provide a good understanding of the world of Accounts that will help you in business or the job. Presently, there is a huge demand for accounting professionals, and this course will provide you accounting skills that will keep you ahead of others.

What skills will you learn in this Course?

Below are the top skills you will get by undergoing this unique course:

1. Analysis of financial statement: After this course, you will be able to analyze the financial statements and able to interpret the financial health of the companies.

2. Preparation of financial statement: Post this course, you will be able to prepare the financial statement by the generally accepted accounting principles and IFRS.

3. Presentation of financial statement: Based on the given financial statement, you will be able to present the financial statement of your company to investors, bankers, and other stakeholders in a detailed manner.

4. Understand and interpret the disclosure of the financial statement: Moreover, you will be able to understand the disclosures given in the financial statement in a better way, and also you will be able to correlate it more practically.


Any individual with given below requirement can subscribe to this course:

Passion to learn

Interest in the field of accounting

Computer or laptop

Internet connection with good speed

Target Audience

Accounting Course in Mumbai is very useful for all the individuals who are having any kind of connection with finance. Being accounting at the core of any business, any person either businessman or in a job relating to finance can opt for this course. However, below individuals are the targeted audience for this course:

Accounting Students and executives

Banking Students and executives

Finance Students and executives


Financial Controllers

Investment Bankers

FAQ’s- General Questions Why Should I Take Up this Course?

You need not go to any classroom for coaching at a specific time, this is an online course and you can study on your own by watching videos online, and you will not find a better course than this at such a reasonable price.

How this Course will help in my career?

Accounting knowledge is very much needed to incorporate. Being a person with a job in a finance background requires an in-depth understanding of accounting. This course will provide that capability and will help in pursuing a career with better growth.

I am New to finance world Can I take up this course?

Of course yes. The course is structured in such a manner, that layman will be able to learn right from the beginning covering golden rules of accounting till complex transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

Will I get any certificates for this course?

Of course yes, Post completion of all courses and after completing all the projects, you will get the certificate of completion.

Why should you take the Accounting Course in Mumbai?

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. All the corporate giants in India will have a presence in Mumbai. To get a job in Mumbai or to grow in this corporate, understanding of accounting and its impact in financial statements is very much essential. Being busy life in Mumbai and with so much of rush, to go at any location and to learn is very difficult. By opting for this course, one can watch the lectures at their comfortable time and can practice the project by taking the needed time. The only requirement is to have a laptop or computer with a good internet connection. You can log into the course and start your learning at any point in time. Also, the understanding of accounting standards and IFRS at such a reasonable rate will not be available in Mumbai.

What is Accounting Trend in Mumbai

As discussed earlier, being the financial capital of India, the requirement of knowledge of Indian GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP Accounting is of utmost essential for all the corporates. With the knowledge of this course, one will get an edge above the other candidate in the interview process. The amount of knowledge and insight one will get from this course is unprecedented and cannot be measured in terms of money.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Better visibility about corporate performance:

Your ability to view the corporate performance based on the result will improve

Ability to prepare and read financial statements: Your skill of preparing and reading the financial statement will be considerably improved. And this is much needed in any top executives by the corporates.


Accounting Training


Jacob H. Brooks

Good Course!

The online accounting course was great and taught me a lot of information I’ve never been introduced to before! Being in the financial industry, I’ve been introduced to income sheet analysis before, but this accounting course built upon that knowledge and helped me further understand different components that I will be able to apply in the future

Jeffrey Guzzi

Very comprehensive





Ferrando Rubiano

Accounting Certification


Tingling Jiang

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