Trending October 2023 # 9 Easy Ways To Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working In Windows 11 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # 9 Easy Ways To Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working In Windows 11 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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9 Easy Ways to Fix Mobile Hotspot not Working in Windows 11 Due to our solutions, you’ll once again be able to utilize mobile hotspot




Windows 11’s mobile hotspot, not working problems can be caused by outdated network adapter drivers, Bluetooth, firewalls, Airplane mode, and even registry issues.

Editing the registry might help you fix the We can’t set up mobile hotspot error in Windows 11.

Some built-in troubleshooters also come in handy for fixing network-related issues that stop mobile hotspots from working.



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readers this month.

A mobile hotspot is a handy Windows 11 network feature. When enabled, you can share your PC’s WiFi Internet connection with other devices. However, the mobile hotspot feature might not always work as expected in Windows 11.

For example, some users need to fix a grayed-out mobile hotspot setting. The annoying We can’t set up mobile hotspot error is another widely cited issue that can arise when users try to enable the feature.

Are you among those who need to solve the mobile hotspot not working problem? If so, the potential Windows 11 resolutions below might help you get that feature working in no time.

Why is my mobile hotspot not working in Windows 11?

Mobile hotspots can stop working because of network-related issues or specific Windows 11 features interrupting the hotspot connection. These are some of the more common reasons to consider:

Airplane mode is enabled: The Airplane mode disables wireless connections, which means you can’t utilize a mobile hotspot with that feature enabled

Bluetooth: Bluetooth can also interrupt mobile hotspot connections

Outdated network drivers: A network-related issue for mobile hotspots can be due to obsolete network adapter drivers

Firewalls: Windows 11’s built-in firewall, or others incorporated in antivirus software, can feasibly get in the way of mobile hotspot connections

Moreover, users reported other similar issues, which we will address below. Therefore, if you find yours mentioned below, make sure to follow the solutions put together by us:

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of solutions to the Windows 11 mobile hotspot not working issue. Follow along!

How can I fix the mobile hotspot not working in Windows 11? 1. Run Windows 11’s Network Adapter troubleshooter 2. Disable Airplane mode 3. Disable Bluetooth 4. Start the Mobile Hotspot Service 5. Change the network adapter’s settings

A newer driver might still be available for your PC’s network adapter even if the Update Driver determines the best one is already installed.

Scanning your PC with a driver updater utility will tell you if your network adapter has an updated driver, so try Outbyte Driver Updater in that regard.

Expert tip:

7. Turn off Windows Defender Firewall 8. Edit the registry 9. Reset your network


Resetting the network deletes saved WiFi networks. Therefore, you’ll have to reconnect your PC to an Internet connection afterward. This is recommended as a last resort resolution for resolving a wide range of network issues, mobile hotspot ones included.

How do I reset my hotspot settings?

To reset the hotspot settings on your Android phone, you can do the following, but note that the steps might differ from mobile to mobile:

Access the Settings app on your Android device, then go down to the System section and select it.

Expand the Advanced section.

Choose Reset Options.

Tap Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Follow the on-screen steps to reset the hotspot.

Yet, you might not need to contact any support service about mobile hotspot not working. The potential resolutions specified above can solve many mobile hotspot errors. So, give some of those solutions a try first.

Remember that there are also various third-party WiFi hotspot apps you can enjoy on Windows 11. You don’t necessarily have to fix a mobile hotspot to establish a WiFi hotspot in Windows. Our WiFi hotspot software solutions guide tells you all about the best ones.

Of course, there might be more ways you can fix mobile hotspots, not working problems. Users who have discovered different resolutions for fixing Windows 11’s mobile hotspot feature are welcome to share their tips below.

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