Trending September 2023 # 7 Best Deepfake Apps And Websites # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 7 Best Deepfake Apps And Websites # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Fake video and audio recordings that look and sound like the real thing called deepfakes have been around for a while now. 

The ability to synthesize human images and videos of things that people never said or did might seem scary. However, with the rise of face swap apps and the integration of deepfakes into Snapchat it seems like this technology is mostly being used for entertainment. 

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How To Make a Deepfake Video

Today anyone can download deepfake software or even use the web tools and apps to create a deepfake online. 

If you’re looking to have some fun with this AI technology, here are some of the best deepfake apps and websites you can use to make these. 

Best for: research purposes.

DeepFakeLab is one of the first deepfake apps for Windows that appeared on the internet. It’s a great option if you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of deepfakes and the technology behind them. DeepFaceLab allows you to swap faces, replace the whole head, age a person, as well as change the lip movement. 

DeepFakeLab was created for researchers and computer vision students, so it’s definitely not the most user-friendly software on this list. You’ll need a powerful PC to run it. Not to mention it will take time before you’ll understand how the software works. 

Best for: creating quick deepfakes.

Zao is a Chinese app that lets you create a deepfake video in just a few seconds. If you’re looking for a bit of fun and don’t want to spend too much time or effort on your deepfakes, give Zao a go.

The app is extremely easy to use. To make your first deepfake, all you have to do is choose a video from a wide library selection of clips from popular movies and TV shows. Zao will do the rest for you. 

The deepfake app does a better job with Chinese faces, but it’s still good fun to try it on others. The app is free to use and is available for Android and iOS. 

Best for: training purposes. 

Faceswap is a free and open source deepfake app. It’s powered by Tensorflow, Keras, and Python, and can be used for learning and training purposes. 

If you’re more interested in the process of creating a deepfake video than in a deepfake itself, Faceswap has an active forum where you can ask questions about it and tutorials on how to create deepfakes. They also offer guides on how to use the software for complete beginners. 

Faceswap runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although the developers recommend using a stronger PC and a graphics card, since the process of face swapping on a CPU is “incredibly slow”. 

Best for: creative use. 

Deep Art Effects is a unique deepfake app on this list. It works with images rather than videos and allows you to turn them into works of art. The algorithm behind it is inspired by and trained on works of famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Michelangelo. 

Upload any picture from your gallery, choose one of the styles available, and let the AI transform it into unique artwork. Deep Art Effects has both a mobile version for Android and iOS, and a desktop version for Windows, Mac, and Linux available for free. 

Best for: fans of GIFs and memes. 

Do you exchange a lot of GIFs and memes with your friends and family? Then REFACE is the right app for you. The software uses the face swapping AI called RefaceAI to superimpose your face on GIFs and images. 

Creating a deepfake image in REFACE is very simple. Snap a picture of your face and choose a GIF or a popular meme from the app’s gallery. The app will then create a personalized image with your face on it. 

The accuracy of the result will depend on your face symmetry and the GIF you’re using. Good news is, REFACE has a lot of options that you can try till you get the perfect deepfake. 

The app is free and available for both Android and iOS. 

Best for: anyone who uses GIFs in their daily communication. 

Morphin is another deepfake app on our list that will help you stay on top of the latest internet memes. Morphin has a wide collection of popular high-resolution GIFs that you can use to send to your friends instead of standard emojis. 

Morphin is essentially very similar to the REFACE app. Although in Morphin the GIFs have more of a cartoony rather than a realistic look, and you can search the collection by tags. To create a deepfake, you just need to take a selfie and choose a GIF. 

The app is free and available for Android and iOS. 

Best for: anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Jiggy is a deepfake app that can make anyone dance. Not literally, but in the form of a moving GIF image. All you need to create a dancing deepfake is a face and selected dance moves. The app will merge the two and you’ll get a perfect deepfake that is bound to brighten up anyone’s mood. 

This is possible thanks to the motion transfer technology behind the app. It takes a photo of a person and turns them into an interactive animated character. Jiggy is free to use and is available on Android and iOS. 

Should We Be Concerned About Deepfakes? 

Many people are concerned about the rise of deepfakes and the possible negative impact they can have when used to misrepresent someone. However, it seems like for now people only use deepfake technology to have some fun with it. From sharing GIFs created in deepfake apps on Instagram Stories to creating full-length deepfake videos to upload on YouTube. 

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