Trending September 2023 # 15 Best Free Cpanel Alternatives (2023 Update) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 15 Best Free Cpanel Alternatives (2023 Update) # Suggested October 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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cPanel is one of the most famous web hosting control panel. It enables website owners to efficiently manage the website from a web-based interface in a single dashboard.

However, cPanel has a new licensing policy which makes its very expensive for many resellers. Here is a curated list of top tools that are capable of replacing cPanel. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

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SPanel is a CPanel alternative that enables you to manage your website without any hassle. It offers admin interface that allows you to manage accounts on web server. This tool enables you to change passwords, suspend or unsuspend websites.

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Best cPanel Alternatives (Hosting Control Panel)

SPanel is a CPanel alternative that enables you to manage your website without any hassle. It offers admin interface that allows you to manage accounts on web server. This tool enables you to change passwords, suspend or unsuspend websites.


SPanel supports Nginx, Apache, LiteSpeed, and more web servers.

Enables you to migrate websites without any hassle.

It helps you to manage emails with ease.

This is lightweight and faster.

Offers free SSSL for every website hosted using SPanal.

It allows you to choose desired PHP version easily and quickly.

Plesk is a web hosting application that enables administrators to set up new reseller accounts, websites, and e-mail accounts through a web-based interface.


It provides a centralized control panel to build and manage more than one site.

Plesk tool is Compatible across all platforms.

It offers a secure and versatile toolkit for WordPress.

You can get full root access via SSH (Secure Shell) on VPS (Virtual Private Server).

It can be expandable with more than 100 extensions.

This tool gives a robust site and server security across networks, apps, and operating systems.

InterWorx is a website hosting control panel developed by InterWorx LLC. This cPanel alternative supports a range of developer-friendly API and plugins.


It provides numerous documentations for branding, clustering, and firewall documentation.

You will get support via email, phone, and tickets.

It enables you to access interwork hosting from the command line.

This tool offers community forums related to the control panel.

You can create multiple admin accounts.

It encrypts SSL (Secure socket Layer) protocol.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that lets users install multiple PHP web apps through an intuitive dashboard. It is partnered with some of the biggest cloud names in the world including AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr.


With Cloudways, you can clone or scale your servers

You get auto-healing managed cloud servers with Cloudways

With Cloudways, you get SSH and SFTP access

Cloudways lets you test apps with unique staging feature, before taking them live.

Install all the major PHP apps with convenience

5) OviPanel

OviPanel is a another alternative for cPanel for web hosting ProLinux, Web, Self-Hosted, Windows, Mac, and more. Its enhanced security helps you to protect your website from numerous attacks.


You can set a limit for mail account to send emails per day

It offers multi-database support.

You can quickly switch to various webservers like Apache with Varnish and NGINX and Apache according to your requirements.

It allows you to check different server logs using the log viewer Interface.

You can create an unlimited account with OviPanel.

OviPanel has a user-friendly interface with multiple extensions support with search options.

6) Cyberpanel

Cyberpanel is a web hosting application that is based on OpenLitespeed (WordPress web hosting platform). It comes with built-in support for FTP, Email, DNS, File Manager, and automatic SSL.


It has an LSCache module with cache plugins for CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

You can attach GIT repository for your websites.

It provides real time defense against a web application.

You can use the email limit facility in order to stop email spam.

This tool can be operated using a CLI (Command Line Interface).

7) Vestacp

VestaCP is an open-source website hosting control panel that can be used to manage multiple websites, create and manage email accounts, etc.


It provides numerous keyboard shortcuts.

This tool has a built-in firewall that resolves all common issues.

It has built-in web site analytics systems that visitor’s information like pages, hits, number of visits, etc.

It allows you to work from the terminal.

You can integrate it with the backup system.

8) Aapanel

AaPanel is a web hosting control panel that works on CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. It is one of the best cPanel alternative that enables you to manage the web server through the web-based GUI.


You can effortlessly create and manage the website.

It provides FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for website access.

You can quickly manage python projects using an online aaPanel editor.

It offers a docker platform in order to deliver software in a package called a container.

9) Ispconfig

ISPConfig is an open-source hosting control panel designed for the Linux operating system. It helps you to manage your server directly through your web browser.


You can manage one or more servers from one control panel.

Ispconfig supports a range of Linux distribution, including Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

You can access the control panel via 4 access levels like administrator, reseller, client, and email login.

This opensource cPanel alternative tool supports HTTP, SMTP, POP3/IMAP, or FTP.

It allows you to manage websites, email accounts, and DNS.

10) ISPmanager

ISPmanager is a Linux server control panel and web hosting & for both dedicated server and VPS management. It is one of the best cPanel free alternatives which provides shared or reseller hosting services.


You can set up and manage the Linux server, including Nginx and Apache.

It allows you to setup spam filters for domain and mailboxes.

You can install SSL certificates to secure private data.

It can be installed for CMS like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

This tool provides backups to external storage like Amazon and Dropbox.

ISPmanager enables you to install the firewall.

You can create and store databases without any hassle.

11) Froxlor

Froxlor is a lightweight server management panel written in PHP scripting language. You can use this app for creating and organizing shared web hosting servers.


You can choose per domain which chúng tôi file can be used.

You can determine which ports should use SSL.

It allows you to select IP4 and or IPv6.

This tool enables you to access all major functions via API.

You can store dedicated FTP, Mail traffic, HTTP, and view it in graphs.

Froxlor helps you to overwrite the basic CSS or create your own theme.

12) Directadmin

DirectAdmin is an easy to use graphical web hosting app designed to manage the administration of the website.


You can create or modify other admins.

It allows you to set the IP address for the server.

This tool automatically transfers DNS data between two machines.

The administrator can easily modify accounts.

It enables you to add and remove DNS records.

You can extend existing admin functionality.

13) Blueonyx

BlueOnyx is an integrated internet hosting solution that includes e-mail, DNS, file transfer, and web service. It offers a user-friendly web-based interface that is installed on or virtual private server or commodity hardware.


It provides preconfigured Apache, Sendmail (email routing facility), MariaDB or MySQL, Mailman software, and more.

You can run Perl and SSI (Server-Side Include).

It allows resellers to create virtual sites and users.

This application supports HTTP/2.

It automatically generates DNS records for virtual sites.

Blueonyx has a built-in bug reporting mechanism.

14) CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel is a web hosting control panel for managing VPS servers. It is one of the best alternatives to cPanel that allows you to setup these servers for WordPress.


It provides secure login authorizations by using OAuth (Open Authorization) tokens.

You can customize themes and languages.

It allows you to add, list, edit, and remove users.

This app provides DNS zone template editor.

It helps you to manage SSL certificates.

CentOS Web Panel helps you to monitor MySQL process list.

It enables you to organize PhpMyAdmin.

15) Cloudron

Cloudron is a platform that helps you to install, manage, and secure web apps on your server. It provides a centralized way to manage access control of users.


It has a library of more than 50 apps.

This tool helps users to access their apps using the dashboard.

It enables you to deploy apps through the cloudron app store.

You can shift your setup from one cloud service provider to another.

It allows you to store encrypted backups to external storage like Google Cloud Storage, Amazon, etc.

16) Webmin

Webmin is a web-based application for Unix operating system. You can use any modern web browser to setup user accounts, DNS, Apache, and more.


You can manage the system from the console or remotely.

It allows you to configure almost all Apache directives and features.

You can create and edit DNS records, BIND (Berkeley Internet name domain) options, domains, and views.

This tool allows you to see reports on bandwidth usage by port, protocol, and host on a Linux system.

You can install and manage themes and modules across multiple servers.

Webmin helps you to create, update, delete, and group users across many servers.

FAQs: ❓ What is a Web Hosting Control Panel?

A Web hosting control panel is software that provides a graphical user interface and automation tools to easily manage the process of web hosting by end-users and website owners. It allows end-users to easily administer the website via a standard web browser using a three-tier structure. It also provides centralized control to manage and migrate websites and manage emails.

💻 Which are the Best cPanel alternatives?

Following are some of the best cPanel alternatives:









✅ How to use cPanel?

Below is a step by step process on how to use cPanel:

Step 1) Open any web browser and go to your web hosting provider website

Step 2) Log in with the username and password credentials given by your web hosting provider

Step 3) Go to the My Account section or Advanced section as per your web hosting provider interface

Step 4) Here, you will find the cPanel option which you need to open

Step 5) The cPanel interface will open

Step 6) Now, you can manage various functionalities of your website like Domains, Email accounts, phpMyAdmin, etc., right from the cPanel interface

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